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Looking to move a larger house? During this housing crisis that wasn’t exactly helped by those seeking houses larger than their budgets could allow, there has been a fast-growing movement of those wishing to simplify their lives by minimizing their square-footage. Many are calling this the “small house movement” or even the “tiny house movement.” Some believe this move towards living much more simply than the average American homeowner is a direct backlash against materialistic excess and waste. Others will claim this move towards tiny living is for the more environmentally-conscious hoping to limit their carbon footprint. Just how tiny are these tiny houses? Some of these purposely-small house dwellers build 400 square foot homes while others scale their living spaces down as much as to a staggering 76 square feet! What possibly can the advantages of this be? Well, the answers can be fairly surprising.

Think for a moment how much of your house you supply heat, air conditioning, lighting, water, and other utilities to. Now, take a second to think about how much of that space you occupy at any single moment. Your dining room is probably a separate room from your living room. You probably read books in a different room than you entertain. Are you doing more than one of these activities at once? Well, the idea behind living in a tiny house is that one space has limitless possibilities for its usage. Want to entertain over a meal? Many tiny houses are equipped with a table that folds down from the wall and then folds back flush again; hidden from view. With the table out of the way, suddenly your dining room is a living space. With a much smaller living area, one must become more resourceful, but the savings from wasteful use translates to a savings from wasteful spending. Aside from the wasted space inside, there is rarely an issue with wasted space outside; as most forms of these tiny houses are built on street-legal trailers that allow the house to be taken to any destination.

Many of these tiny house-dwellers custom build their houses to their own specifications, but those who would rather leave the design and construction to someone else, there is exploding marketplace for smaller houses. For easily under $60,000, one can buy a fully-mobile, quality-built tiny house and have it delivered to their location. For no more than $700, one can buy the plans for a house of their choosing and build it with materials purchased from their local big-box hardware store at around half the price of a fully-built tiny home.

For the best in house construction, bigger is now not always better. Expand your thinking of home living and take a look at living tiny. 


About Better Built Structures

Better Built Structures is a family owned & operated business with over 20 years of experience in the building industry. Better Built Structures was founded with the idea that quality, service, honesty, and value are key components in a successful business. Since its entrance into the market place our company has built thousands of garages, livestock sheds, cabins, pole barns, and portable storage buildings ranging in size from only a few square feet to buildings for residential, commercial, industrial, and farm use. Our knowledgeable and professional sales and office staff are always ready and willing to help you choose that perfect garage and customize it to make your dream come true. Whether you need space to park your vehicle, store your lawn and garden tools, a workshop for business or hobby, or just a place to get away from it all and kick back. Better Built Structures has got the right building for you at a price you can afford. You are invited to call us to come out to your home, free of charge, with no high-pressure tactics and no obligation to buy or stop by one of our convenient locations for a no cost consultation. Why not call us today and join 1000’s of your friends and neighbors to see just how easy it is to own one of the many affordable products we have to offer. What have you got to lose? Thank you for considering Better Built Structures, Inc.

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