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Better Built Structures on weather

Our weather here in Tulsa has been fairly unpredictable in general, but this winter has us even more surprised, with a beautiful day in the 60s yesterday followed by a brutal morning in the 20s today! With all these weather fluctuations, it got me thinking about the ways our items in storage could be affected by weather changes. Items made of wood could be impacted by the temperature shifts, causing expansion and contraction, which could affect the shape and structure of the wood pieces.

This is where having a quality structure built by Better Built Structures can help keep your items in need of storage safe until their next use, whether that is one month or one decade from now. Our quality structures offer a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any home or business need, and we can help you create a properly insulated storage facility for your more valuable items to help guard against inclement weather!


About Better Built Structures

Better Built Structures is a family owned & operated business with over 20 years of experience in the building industry. Better Built Structures was founded with the idea that quality, service, honesty, and value are key components in a successful business. Since its entrance into the market place our company has built thousands of garages, livestock sheds, cabins, pole barns, and portable storage buildings ranging in size from only a few square feet to buildings for residential, commercial, industrial, and farm use. Our knowledgeable and professional sales and office staff are always ready and willing to help you choose that perfect garage and customize it to make your dream come true. Whether you need space to park your vehicle, store your lawn and garden tools, a workshop for business or hobby, or just a place to get away from it all and kick back. Better Built Structures has got the right building for you at a price you can afford. You are invited to call us to come out to your home, free of charge, with no high-pressure tactics and no obligation to buy or stop by one of our convenient locations for a no cost consultation. Why not call us today and join 1000’s of your friends and neighbors to see just how easy it is to own one of the many affordable products we have to offer. What have you got to lose? Thank you for considering Better Built Structures, Inc.

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